Why We Love Jesus

There are a lot of reasons to love Jesus: Hope, Faith, Trust, Guidance, Love, Grace, Salvation, Goodness, Mercy, Providence, and more, but most of all, we have gotten to know Jesus and the more we know Him, the more we love Him.

It’s about a Relationship

Being a Christian is not about Religion, but a Relationship with Jesus. And a relationship with Jesus will change your life. It starts with a prayer and continues by spending time with Jesus.

It’s about Forgiveness

None of us deserve it, but God chooses to forgive us anyway. You cannot earn the grace of God, it is given freely. We simply accept His grace and live a life motivated by it. Jesus died on a cross, bearing the punishment for our sins. So we do not have to be punished.

It’s about Doing the Right Thing

Living for Jesus means doing the best we can to live according to His principles. We might fall short, but we try our best. Living for Jesus means allowing the Spirit of God to do good things through us for others. Jesus wasn’t selfish & we shouldn’t be either.

Know Jesus for yourself

Nothing takes the place of knowing Jesus for yourself. If you need help getting to know him, reach out to us, we will be glad to help.