What to Expect

Here at The River we are:


The environment is welcoming to everyone. We are not up-tight. Instead, we have a friendly heartfelt approach to church and worship. You can dress up, some of us do. You can come in jeans, some of us do.


We are contemporary in our worship. We hold fast to the timeless principles given to us in the Bible. We just approach them in a modern way using media, modern worship songs, and contemporary styles in our worship.


We want to get to know you. Building relationships with each other is important to us. We are not just a group of church members, we are a family. We also do not snub people who are not just like us. We reach out to connect to the community and try to be a positive influence and help as much as we can.

What you will not find

There are no perfect people here and you will not find a perfect church. We have our faults, but we try our best. We make mistakes, but we learn from them. The good thing is, we won’t expect you to be perfect either.